Top 10 Erection Day Headlines

I understand, election time is extremely stimulating for members of all parties. Yet there are those who will completely abuse the word erection by inserting it anywhere ‘election’ might be used. Apparently these acts are performed for no other purpose than for the sake of saying the word: erection.

People, I will tell you now. This is dumb. This is so dumb that you have to point out the OBVIOUS similarities between the two words. Election, erection. Election, erection. Election, erection. I GET IT! It’s an ERECTION YEAR!

Let’s just get your erection anxiety all rubbed out, folks. Here are my top 10 Erection Day headlines:

10: ERECTIONS are crucial pillars for upholding Democracy

9: Who’s getting paid for holding this year’s ERECTION?

8: Impressions of an American ERECTION

7: Florida is center of ERECTION storm central!

6: What pole will you trust for this ERECTION?

5: How to get children intersted in the ERECTION

4: ERECTION surprises hit the newspaper!

3: An ERECTIONEER’S case for Sarah Palin

2: Iowa goes berzerk as ERECTION draws near!

1: Sarah Palin projected to come out on top of the ERECTION!


One response to “Top 10 Erection Day Headlines

  1. You know, the wannabe candidates have been stroking this erection for like, two years. It’s very exciting, actually for this erection to finally go away.

    Since I posted this piece the erection jokes just keep coming and coming. Feel free to leave yours. Cheers!

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